Connecting the Entrepreneur Ecosystem

Brite Idea Lab is a public 360 Innovation Portal "MATCHING" entrepreneur, inventors, student, and small business IDEAS with resources from corporations, organizations, product and service providers.

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Global Entrepreneur Match Network



Brite Idea Lab recognizes that today... the entrepreneurial ecosystem utilizes SEARCH and multiple venues to find what they "Need" or "Want."   The question... is there a better more efficient, safer, targeted approach to "find and be found?" 

MATCH is the new SEARCH

Brite Idea Lab believes that when Members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem self-post their "wants" and "needs" that their digital Match Concierge can automatically find, and deliver, more precise MATCH candidates. 


Brite Idea Lab  MACHINE MATCHING represents a NEW generation of Internet innovation where members control who TARGETS them and for what purpose.   Where members control what they WANT and define how much,  or how little, to SHARE with people they don't know.  Where members have new "TOOLS" to manage new engagements online and share "finds" with colleagues.    Are YOU ready for this next chapter in member-to-member collaboration?



Brite Idea Lab  MATCH recognizes that members are not one size fits all.   The goal is to provide members with the ability to create an experience that can be minimal, or robust, as defined by the members need to FIND, or PROMOTE,  something they have or want.    The new MATCH portal must recognize that individuals may have "many" ideas, ventures and businesses - each with their own need and offerings.  That, management and control are essential - with a Match Consigner continually reviewing ALL members to automatically deliver matches 24/7/365,  or on command. 

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Brite Idea Lab  recognizes that the platform solution to Innovation is NOT one platform,  but a family of connected platforms - each providing a unique user experience. (more)


The new generation of MATCH recognizes that customizing the digital platform is a vital part of the Match solution infrastructure.   However, creating the programs to drive and sustain member adaption is essential.   The basic components for a successful Match Program are consistent, but the key is tailoring scenarios for corporate clients and strategic partners in each vertical march market.